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Louisville Book Festival

I am excited to announce that I have been accepted into the 2023 Louisville Book Festival. I will be onsite at the Kentucky International Convention Center with my new book Shitbag Soldier: A Creative Nonfiction Memoir, on November 11 and 12. I am honored to attend this year's LBF and share my book about my experience as a young soldier in the United States Army over Veterans Day Weekend.

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Ginny Grulke
Ginny Grulke
Sep 05, 2023

Lubrina, THAT IS GREAT! I'll try to drive up to Lvl, I've never been to their book fair and it would be interesting. I'll track you down. --Ginny (Hindman)

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Lubrina Burton
Author and
U.S. Army Veteran


Lubrina is a former enlisted soldier of the United States Army. Her experience as a young woman overseas in a pre-9/11 military inspires much of her work.


After the service, in 2005, she earned her Psychology degree from Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky. In 2020, she graduated from the Carnegie Center’s Author Academy in Lexington.


Her short pieces are featured in That Southern Thing, Trouble, Curious Stuff, Twists and Turns, From Pen to Page II, and Alice Says Go Fuck Yourself.

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