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Shitbag Soldier available to Order in Paperback and Download on Kindle from Amazon

The truth is not black and white. It is camouflage.

More than a memoir, Shitbag Soldier is a nonfiction novel, the real-life journey of Burton, a teenage girl raised in Appalachian Kentucky on patriotic stories of the military. Hoping to create her own modern-day fairy tale, she leaves home to join the U.S. Army, where she is stationed in Bavaria. But waiting for her in Germany is a land of castles, cobblestone, and camouflaged nightmares. Assigned to Sergeant Bluff's platoon, Burton is forced to trade the tales from her childhood for a more grown-up version of reality. Trapped in her platoon sergeant’s maze of power, abuse, and control, she must survive by writing her own narrative instead of letting someone else define her truth.


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Lubrina Burton
Author and
U.S. Army Veteran


Lubrina is a former enlisted soldier of the United States Army. Her experience as a young woman overseas in a pre-9/11 military inspires much of her work.


After the service, in 2005, she earned her Psychology degree from Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky. In 2020, she graduated from the Carnegie Center’s Author Academy in Lexington.


Her short pieces are featured in That Southern Thing, Trouble, Curious Stuff, Twists and Turns, From Pen to Page II, and Alice Says Go Fuck Yourself.

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